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Hi, my name is Robert Shaw. I am a Photographer, Web Designer, and Graphic Artist based in Orlando/Central Florida. I have a deep passion for creating clean organic Graphic & Web designs, as well as a drive for capturing rich photographic memories. I am currently available for freelance, so feel free to Contact Me.

A Peek at My Experience
I specialize in Photography and Web & Graphic Design with over 5 years of experience in the two fields. I work as an Indpendent contractor with Florida Hospital, the largest non-profit hospital in Florida. My experence with the company includes photo shoots, design and development e-commerce websites, and working directly on major marketing campaigns covering the 7 major regional campuses. I have designed and worked numerous marketing materials including brochures, newsletters, invitations, menus, banners, gift cards, promotional fliers, and more. My photos have been featured in several of thier major publications, and my designs have been used countless times in marketing campaigns.

Disclaimer Please Note
I am a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian and hold a high moral standard; therefore, because of my faith and my moral convictions. I do not provide any services involving, or in environments related to night clubs, alcohol or drug abuse, nudity, profanity, human degrading, abuse or animal cruelty.

Photography Services | Click to Learn more
Specializing in areas such as, Studio, Portrait, Structural, Nature, Product and HDR photography to name a few. I also offer professional printing services. You can find more details on photo services and view my portfolio here.
Graphic & Web Design Services | Click to Learn more
Specializing in Graphic Design, Web Design & Web Development, I deliver industry standard profesional results with guaranteed satisfaction. You can view my portolio and find details on my services here.